FMEL rates

All our prices are in Swiss francs (CHF)


  • Unlocking door 110.-
  • Noise after 10:00pm tenants causing disturbances will be billed  170.-
  • If intervention unfounded, person who called will be billed  170.-
  • Urgent technical problems, threats attacks, aggressions  0.-
Loss of key
  • New key provided by house manager  80.-
  • Second loss of key envolves cylinder change 500.-

Cancellation policy

           1. Booking Cancellation

Once you have created a booking you will not be able to change your room selection and the contractual date of arrival. Your room will be reserved for you until the signature of all the contractual documents. You will need to continue the process within 48 hours otherwise your booking will be canceled and your account blocked for 1 month. 

To unblock your account, a CHF 100.00 fee will be charged. After a month, the request to unblock the account is free of charge. 

           2. Lease cancellation

Any lease signature will be of a contractual nature. In the event of cancellation of the lease, the following terms apply:

  • Notice given more than 30 days before the beginning of the lease: CHF 250.- and no new booking will be accepted before 3 months (cancellation fees CHF 250.-)
  • Notice given less than 30 days before the beginning of the lease:   CHF 500.- and no new booking will be accepted before 3 months (cancellation fees CHF 500.-)
  • Notice given up to 15 days before the beginning of the lease: one month's rent and no new booking will be accepted before 3 months (cancellation fees 1 month)
  • Notice given after the beginning of the lease:  the deposit and no new booking will be accepted before 3 months (cancellation fees deposit)
For the cancellation of a temporary group rental during the summer period, from 15 days up to 3 months, the conditions mentioned in the lease agreement apply

Termination of lease

  • For EASY leases, once the minimal duration of the lease is exceeded, the termination must be announced at least 2 months in advance. Kindly note that it is not possible to return to FMEL earlier than 6 months after the termination date. If you are intending to return in the future, please contact your house administrator to re-enable your access to the reservation platform. Returning tenants do not have priority over New Tenants.
  • In case of breach of contract before minimal duration of lease: refer to lease.
  • Terminations will be accepted in cases of exmatriculation for "force majeure" if the exmatriculation is for failure or medical reasons (proof of failure or medical certificate required).
    • Termination notice given 1 month in advance 150.- (force majeure)
    • Termination notice given less than 1 month in advance 300.- (force majeure)

Exmatriculation at the end of your studies, or because of voluntary interruption of studies, is NOT considered a case of "force majeure".

Changing rooms (from room to studio only)

  • Price for room change: 250.-

The fee must be paid as soon as the arrangement with the FMEL has been given and before entering the new room / studio.

Cleaning: after check-out or after periodical room checks (plus administrative fees)

  • By FMEL personal charges, an hour 50.-
  • By an outside company if necessary, company invoice + administrative charges

Unblock the toilets, sink and shower

  • First request (work done by FMEL house manager) 50.-
  • Second request, you will be billed by the external plumbing company we will have to use

Replacement of damaged objects

  • Mattress  220.-
  • Mattress cover sheet  30.-
  • Mattress cover small size (90x 200 cm) 100.-
  • Mattress cover big size (140x200 cm) 170.-
  • Cleaning of mattress cover: 60.-
  • Desk lamp  30.-
  • Bed slats, per slat  5.-
  • Rubber for back of chair, per rubber 10.-
  • Shower curtain 50.-
  • Freezer handle or door 170.-
  • Room dustbin 10.-
  • Chair 80.-

Bedding kit:

1 Nordic duvet (160x210cm), 1 pillow (60x60cm), 1 pillowcase, 1 duvet coversheet (160x210cm), 1 mattress coversheet (90x190-200cm)

  • 1 to 2 months     50.-
  • 3 to 5 months     80.-
  • 6 to 10 months  120.-

Payment reminders

  • 1st reminder  0.-
  • Formal notice  35.-

If you continue to pay by bank transfer without using the payment slips, the following penalties will be applied:

  • The first time: you will receive an e-mail
  • The second time: 10.- of administrative charges will be billed
  • The third time: 25.- of administrative charges will be billed
  • The fourth time: 50.- of administrative charges will be billed

Administration charges

  • Due to extra work caused by tenant, 50.- per hour
  • Other reminders 15.- per tenant 

Inventory upon departure

  • Late arrival at check-out 50.-
  • No show for check-out (100.- flat fine) and removal of personal belongings by FMEL personnel charged at 50.-/per hour
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