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It is mandatory to terminate your lease. To do so, you need to do so in writing by registered post or e-mail to your house administrator at the FMEL administration office (and not your house manager). This must be done, at least 2 months in advance, for end or mid-month. Our termination confirmation e-mail validates the end-date of your lease. For example, you need to advise us by post/e-mail before 30 April to terminate the lease for 30 June, or before 15 April for 15 June.

If you forget to terminate your lease, it will be automatically renewed and you will be rent liable.

The longer in advance you advise us of your termination, the easier it is to assign your room or studio to a new resident.


Kindly contact your house manager to fix an appointment for the date and time of the check-out (weekdays only) at least 5 working days before your departure. N.B. It is the house manager who will fix the date and time of the appointment (taking into consideration your request as far as is possible depending on his/her availability). At the check-out, you must leave the accommodation in a perfect state of cleanliness, otherwise you will be charged for cleaning. The house manager will give you advice on how and what to clean and can lend you cleaning products or equipment, depending on availability. Details concerning the final cleaning can be found here.

Return of the security deposit:

In the confirmation of the termination of your lease that you will receive from your house administrator by e-mail, all relevant information will be given on how to get your security deposit reimbursed. Read this carefully and follow the instructions. The reimbursement of the security deposit may take up to four months.

Allow enough time for these formalities on your last day. If you have an early morning plane, these formalities will have to be carried out the previous day and you will have to return your room key on that day and find somewhere else to sleep on the last night.

You must also complete the departure formalities for the Population Office of your local council.

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