Further information

Shared utilities:

  • a recreation room with TV and one with a piano are available to all residents, but are subject to reservation at the house manager’s.


  • 3 washing machines (prepaid card system – contact house manager) and 3 dryers (free of charge).

Waste disposal:

  • waste must be sorted (bins are located on the ground floor on Chemin des Falaises)
  • please check with house manager upon arrival.
  • for large objects, contact the house manager.
  • by systematically and proprerly sorting your waste, you contribute to protecting the environment.


  • no parking spaces for residents.


  • a closed-in bike park is located at the main entrance for residents only. Use room key to unlock.

Cellar – storage:

  • there are no cellars. However, each resident has a personal storage cupboard in the corridor.

All above facts are informative only and have no contractual value and are in no way binding.


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