FMEL Colline ext min

Laundry room:

• 1 washing machine (prepaid card – ask house manager) and 1 dryer (free of charge) at the ground floor of the building.

Waste disposal:

• Waste must be sorted (Bins are available at the entrance of the building)
• Contact the house manager upon arrival concerning the sorting of the waste

By systematically, properly sorting your waste, you contribute to protecting the environment.


• A few outside car parking spaces are available at a monthly rental of CHF 60 (contact house manager for information).
• A few spaces are available in the underground parking lot (key necessary) at CHF 80/month. (contact house manager).


• A sheltered bicycle park is available in front of the house

Cellars – storage:

• A small cellar is available for tenants living in 2-3 rooms flats.
• A storage facility (cupboard of about 40 x 60 x 200 cm) is available for tenants living in studios

All above facts are for information purposes only and have no contractual value and are in no way binding.

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