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How to apply for a room or studio :

  • From 30th April 2019, the FMEL will launch an online reservation system.The new reservation system will allow you to book your accommodation and to directly receive the lease agreement. All eligible students will have the opportunity to choose their own room, studio or apartment according to certain criteria: budget, accommodation type, location, number of flatmates and bed size.

    There will no longer be any need in the future to register at a given date to obtain housing from FMEL. By creating a personal profile on the booking portal, you can at any time consult the available accommodation and book online. The administrative rental process will also be automated: the contractual documents will be signed and edited electronically. To confirm the reservation, it will be necessary to follow and accept several steps. The last step - which will make the reservation definitive - will be the payment of a security deposit.

    The available housing will be visible on the portal throughout the year, as current residents cancel their lease. A large number of rooms and studios will be available in summer as during this period a majority of students finish their stay at the FMEL. More information on the implementation of the new reservation system will soon be published on the homepage of our website.

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