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How to apply for a room or studio :

  • Firstly, you need to sign up on the REGISTRATION page of this site. The inscription is obligatory, but does not mean that you will automatically be assigned a room. The inscription does not commit you in any way and it is not necessary at this stage to be immatriculated at UNIL or EPFL.

  • Please follow the instructions on the inscription page and make a note of the inscription number assigned to you by the system.

  • N.B. : every month, don’t forget to renew your inscription, on our REGISTRATION page on our website. The renewal key is not the same as the one for an initial inscription. If you do not renew your inscription monthly, it will automatically be deleted.

  • You cannot sign up more than once. If you try to do so, this will not increase your chances of obtaining a room, on the contrary.

  • When we are able to offer you accommodation, we will contact you to make you an offer. Make sure you regularly check your e-mails, including your junk mail (spam), as you will only have a short time to respond. We only deal directly with our future tenants and not with parents or other third parties acting on behalf of the tenant.

  • N.B. : your room will only be definitively reserved for you once the deposit is paid and the rental documents are returned to us.

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