The new House Rules applicable as of April 3rd, are now on our website.

Modifications are concerning Art. 6: storage of bikes

To all our tenants

We would like to inform you that as from March 2014 all payments must be carried out with the BVR (payment slips) that you have received from the house manager or found in your letter boxes. More information on this can be found on our website under "Tenant – Living in homes – pay rent".

We kindly ask that you make the necessary arrangements.

If you continue to pay to our account with the BCV, instead of using the payment slips, the following penalties will be applied:

  • The first month (March) : you will receive an e-mail
  • The second month (April): CHF 10 of administrative charges will be billed
  • The third month (May): CHF 25 of administrative charges will be billed
  • The fourth month (June): CHF 50 of administrative charges will be billed and you will receive a warning notice

All rental payments must be received before the 5th of the month. For example, rent for March must be received before 5 March.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We only deal directly with our tenants and future tenants and not with parents or other third parties acting on behalf of the tenant.

From 2014 any forms of security deposit by a guarantor are not accepted.


As from 2014 no room change will be allowed (room to room), but only a change from room to studio will be authorized. The charges for such a change are CHF 250 and they must be paid in advance. The minimum stay before such a change is one year. The type of lease remains unchanged and a new security deposit must be paid. The previous security deposit will be released after check-out.

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